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Tune Your Classroom Up with Animations!

Where does the time go?! The holidays sucked it out of me but I am back and ready to go with some more great tips! If you liked creating some great cartoons with your students, now I have some ways to make animations. Animations can bring teaching points to life with some motion. There are a couple of great sites to do this. I will start with GoAnimate! This site allows  you to create some neat animations without a huge learning curve. Check this short one out.

With the free version you are able to use some characters, backgrounds and voices. You can earn “currency” to purchase more. You can add your own voice too. That is kind of fun or you can use text-to-speech. Again you can use this to make a point, or draw attention to a particular topic. Or you can assign this for your students to show what they know. The other one I like is Xtranormal. It is very similar to GoAnimate in that you choose scenes and characters and enter text for text-to-speech. It just depends on the look you want. Unfortunately they have started charging a bit. There is an educational account you can request but this one might be out of reach for the students.

Another interesting web application that would be great for the true cartoonist is DoInk. This is a true frame by frame drawing of  your cartoon. This could be useful to show moving concepts well. I did a quick one here for physics.

Do you have a program that is used for cartoons or animation? Leave a comment.

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