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Using Evernote To Stay Organized and Efficient

The two popular topics for January are get healthy and get organized. So eat your veggies and start using Evernote. I mentioned Evernote before in my Let’s Be Productive Post. Everynote allows you to make a note out of just about anything. You can do a simple text note, picture, web clip, web link, voice note, and screen shot. You name your notes and you can tag your notes. Two different ways to keep yourself organized. AND you can do a search in Evernote that looks at what the contents of your note is. So if you take a picture of a business card, you can do a search for that person or organization and that business card picture will come up. No more piles of business cards!

Organize Your Thoughts

Do you write a blog or do a news letter? Evernote is what you need. If you are searching the web and come across a great addition to your next issue, clip it into Evernote. You are driving down the road and get a great idea. Pull over (safety first!) and make a quick audio note in Evernote. You are waiting for an appointment and you want to start that next article. Open Evernote on your smart phone and start writing. You can tag all of your notes about the same topic so when you are ready to write that blog or article, they are all right there.

It is that time of year that many academics are required to write that annual report. It has to be one of the more unpleasant parts of teaching, in my opinion. So this year I did something a little different. I used Evernote. So you have notes entitled “presentations” , “publications”, “workshops” etc.  As you do one of these activities, open the note and quickly write down the details. You can tag them all with the same tag such as “annualrpt10”. You can also throw in links to that conference you attended or that article that mentioned your name. Spend 5 minutes here and there and it will save you hours at the end of the year.

I just read a blog post about using Evernote to organize your classroom: lesson plans, grades, class notes, ideas. Check it out here. There are also some tips for students to use Evernote. Students can use it to organize their research for a paper or project. They could actually take class notes in Evernote. With the share feature, they are able to share their work on group projects.

Organize Your “Outside” Life

You can utilize Evernote in your non-academic life as well. Say you are remodeling a room or a house. You can take pictures on your smartphone of an idea or building material and put it in Evernote. I then note the store name and price for future reference. You can keep todo lists, Christmas gift lists, and shopping lists on Evernote. These notes can include pictures or web links of the best prices. The fact that Evernote syncs is what makes it so useful. You can put one note in from your phone, one from your home pc, and another from you laptop and they are all synced in the same place.

The uses are endless. I found some more just writing this post. Give Evernote a try and comment on how you like to use it.

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  1. Carolyn
    January 20, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Gee, what terrific person told you about Evernote?

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