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Summer Is Here, Time for New Technology!

Summer is the perfect time to play with some new technology that you can add to your fall courses. Maybe create a small learning object or some piece of a lesson and see how it goes. Here are some ideas to get you started. clear logo The Center for Language Education and Research out of Michigan State University has come up with some amazing Rich Internet Applications that are definitely worth checking out. The one we are going to use for our Spanish online course is the Conversations app. It allows for completely asynchronous chats via a microphone and web cam. This is simply a fantastic tool for chatting with your students or them chatting with one another in a foreign language. I also see applications for business courses and interview practice. Take a look and try it out.

Google Drive

google drive image Have you been looking for a reason to use Google Drive instead of DropBox or some other cloud file service? Me too! Well I think I found at least one. It is called WeVideo. It is a cloud based video editor that integrates with Google Drive. It is pretty slick and allows for great collaboration. Students can create videos together in this collaborative environment then share them in just about any format. You can use it for your video editing as well.

Storyline by Articulate

It’s no secret that I am an Articulate fan and I have been DYING to spread the word about their new product, Storyline. I am not a programmer at all but I have great ideas for learning objects, activities, assessments and the like. This tool allows me to look like a rock star with no programming whatsoever. It can develop great looking simple things in minutes or you can unleash its power on some pretty detailed stuff. Drag and drop, show and do, branching, animations and more can be done with this great product. If you are in education be sure you check out the educational pricing. It would cost that alone to hire out for just one interaction. Now you have to the tool to do whatever you need. Try the 30 day trial and you will be hooked. Look for future posts on this product.

So take your lap top out on the deck and get techy! Now is the best time to play. Drop a comment on your newest, latest, greatest finds. Enjoy!

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  1. December 14, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    I absolutely love Storyline! It is nice that Articulate wrapped up all of their best parts of presenter, quizmaker, and engage all into one. I am a huge Articulate Heroes fan and have learned a lot from them. It is definately one of the main authoring tools I would use if I was given the chance to chose an organization’s main eLearning authoring program. I especially love the characters they have created and added to the program. The only thing I found difficult with the storyline pre-made characters was when you wanted one to hold a book or do an action not included in their poses. I had to definately dust off my photoshop skills to recreate some of the characters doing these unincluded actions, but all went well. The greatest thing about the “Heroes” section of Articulate.com is all of the templates, pictures, and other great content Tom and his team have provided for users, especially some of the backgrounds they created for the characters! I fully agree, after using it you look like a rock star 🙂

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