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Getting Your Message Out

November 4, 2011 Leave a comment

If you are a teacher, blogger, or anyone who wants to broadcast some information, I have some options for you to do this. Now I hate the term “lecture” so I will avoid it but sometimes you want to impart some information that you have to some other folks. Here are some options that you can consider.

One new option that has the Internet all abuzz is Knovio. It is still in Beta but I think has a ton of promise. You can upload your well designed PowerPoints and then either sync audio or video with it and you are done. They also seem very open to new suggestions and continue to develop it.

Slideshare has been around for awhile. You can just have slides or include audio. The good ones don’t have lots of bullets but use images and well placed words to make their point. It is helpful to look at popular ones to get an idea of good presentations.

Just a simple video cast can also be effective. Sit in front of your webcam or tablet camera and talk to “your people”. Don’t make it too long but it can be a personal touch for an intro to a module or a nice summary at the end of a topic. Be sure you have adequate lighting and a nice background but it does not have to be too formal. Casual and warm is sometimes better. Consider your audience and what they respond to better.

If you want more functionality with your presentations than  you all  probably know I would go with Articulate Presenter. Then you get the opportunity for attachments, notes, quizzes, web objects, etc. You can really make it a full presentation experience. But sometimes you just want something quick so that is why I present some of the alternatives.

Finally you could just screen capture your Powerpoint or document and while you talk through the document, website, or presentation. Screenr, Jing, or Screencast-o-matic can all be options for this. My favorite is Screenr.

What do you use to impart information to others online? Leave suggestions in the comments!